Enterprise Mobility Suite

It’s all you need—at one great value

Enterprise mobility solution designed to help manage and protect users, devices, apps (PC or mobile), and data.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solution

Single sign-on to thousands of popular SaaS apps like Salesforce, Concur, and Workday. Self-service employee tools that save money.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution

Manage iOS, Android, Windows—from one place.
Be ready for whatever employees bring to work—and manage their mobile devices and PCs from a single console.

Mobile App Management (MAM) Solution

Keep work at work. Help employees be more productive, and keep corporate and personal apps and data separated.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

Enterprise Grade Security for your organization. Encrypt important files and data to ensure only the right people have access. Identify advanced persistent threats before they cause damage to your organization.

Our enterprise-grade security

A key concern for you continues to be security, and rightly so. Identity is the control plane at the center of our solution helping you to be more secure. Only Microsoft offers cloud identity and access management solutions running at Internet scale and designed to help secure your IT environment. Microsoft Azure Active Directory has hundreds of millions of users, is available in 35 datacenters around the world, and has processed more than 1 trillion (yes, trillion) authentications. Our innovative new technology, Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics is designed to help you identify advanced persistent threats in your organization before they cause damage.


  • Threat detection: Detect abnormal user behavior, suspicious activities, known malicious attacks and security issues right away. Focus on what is important using a simple, convenient feed.
  • Conditional access: Control access to applications and other corporate resources like email and files with policy-based conditions that evaluate criteria such as device health, user location etc. This includes support for multi factor authentication (MFA).
  • Single sign-on: Sign in once to cloud and on-premises web apps from any device. Pre-integrated support for Salesforce, Concur, Workday, and thousands more popular SaaS apps.

We’re more flexible

Architecture matters. That’s why our enterprise mobility management solutions are designed to run in the cloud and work seamlessly with your existing on-premises infrastructure.

Our cloud-first approach to managing a mobile enterprise is the fastest, most cost effective way to meet new business challenges and accommodate new devices, new apps, and new hires—without worrying about scale, maintenance or updates.


  • From the cloud: Keep up with new apps and new devices without the hassle of updating on-premises infrastructure.
  • Simpler secure access: Help deliver secure access to apps and data without complex connections to your on-premises network.
  • Works with what you have: Make the best use of existing identity and device management investments including Active Directory and System Center.

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