PanaCast is a Panoramic-4K Plug-and-Play USB device that connects directly to your PC or Mac. It delivers a 180º wide by 54º tall panoramic video stream and high fidelity stereo audio.
Use it to improve your meetings and gatherings with popular apps and services such as Skype®, Skype® for Business, Cisco WebEx®, Citrix®GoToMeeting®, Google® Hangouts™, Facebook®, and more. You don’t need to download or install any drivers or software to get started.

PanaCast® – Enhance everyday collaboration

PanaCast offers a personal panoramic field of view video stream to enhance everyday collaboration. See how PanaCast can work in your environment.

Huddle Rooms

Unwrap your collaboration space

Huddle Rooms are where we do work everyday with co-workers across campus or around the world. They often have just a speaker phone and a monitor. Now you can add world class desktop collaboration to these rooms with your Mac or PC and a PanaCast camera. Put the PanaCast 2 camera behind your PC or Mac, facing the group, start your meeting using your favorite collaboration service, and select the PanaCast 2 camera. It’s that simple.

PanaCast 2 provides users with a natural looking panoramic video from as close as 3 feet. Portable enough to fit in your shirt pocket, PanaCast 2 is easy to use and available at an exceptional price-performance.

Enable the rooms you couldn’t before with the PanaCast panoramic video.

Enterprise Collaboration

Increase productivity – achieve better results faster

PanaCast gives you a personal panoramic view so you can see more of what you need to see. Increase business productivity by adding the natural human field of view to your meetings and gatherings.

Participate as if you were there with the optional PanaCast Experience cloud service. Every participant in a PanaCast Experience session is in control of his/her view and receives an interactive experience on his/her own device, anytime/anywhere. One viewer might be zoomed in on the whiteboard or presenter, while another might be watching the full panoramic image of the whole scene, from any one of five cameras, without disturbing the experience of other participants.

Discussions flow naturally and freely in PanaCast Experience sessions, helping people see more and do more in less time during business or personal communications.

The PanaCast Experience also adds live, natural, Panoramic-HD video to Skype® for Business sessions. Enhance your Skype for Business video experience with all the rich collaboration and unified communications capabilities of Skype for Business, with the unique and individualized panoramic view of the PanaCast Experience to all participants.

See a use case of the PanaCast 2 camera working Intel Unite.


Transform collaboration with our interactive, personal panoramic experience.


A better digital health experience

PanaCast 2 enables a natural visual perspective that not only enhances communication among doctors, but also among doctors with patients and caregivers. PanaCast 2 gives you a better experience than electro-mechanical Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) cameras – full video resolution all the time and fast response.

The digital health industry is growing as more hospitals and doctor offices are moving towards technology to remotely care for their patients. PanaCast allows doctors and nurses to see patients anywhere in the room so remote patient monitoring can be just like being present in the room. The PanaCast camera can also be used on a Telemedicine cart to see the patient in the context of the whole room.

Global Classroom

Removing classroom distance

PanaCast delivers a natural panoramic video experience to Global Classrooms, so students and teachers can have an immersively connected, more interactive and distraction-free educational environment. PanaCast helps remove distance by providing a collaborative environment to support and improve the classroom experience.

Now students and teachers anywhere in our connected world can communicate on a more personal level. Use PanaCast to create a constant virtual presence between classrooms anywhere in the world so they can feel as if they are one.


“With PanaCast, students feel like it’s one classroom. They can glance at the panoramic video and see their classmates, no matter how far away they really are.”

— Stuart Evans
Distinguished Service Professor
Carnegie Mellon University, Silicon Valley

Mobile Worker

Set up collaboration spaces – anywhere

Salespeople, Consultants, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, On-site Engineers. More and more of the workforce is becoming mobile, but they still need to have collaborative environments wherever they go.

The PanaCast 2 camera is a portable video solution that can be set up in seconds, and runs with just about any collaboration platform, bringing in remote teams to help close deals, improve customer responsiveness and customer experience with a natural and pleasing experience. From a small huddle room of decision makers, to the front of a manufacturing line, your mobile workers are equipped to bring together all the decision makers without the expense, time and disruption of constant travel.

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