VOIP Services

GlobalOutlook’s world class VoIP platform is the ideal communications package—a combination of advanced compression and encryption technologies that offers a complete suite of quality features at a competitive price. GoVoice offers unlimited calls worldwide, and supports users’ collaboration efforts with fax integration, conferencing efforts, and mobile apps. The VoIP platform will help meet your business’s needs.

Experience true mobility and take your office wherever you go. Made possible by free cloud-based mobile apps, international roaming extensions and eFax. With  GlobalOutlook’s simple, yet thorough solution paired with 24/7 support, your business can only benefit from GoVoice.

Communicate easily and continuously across all lines of business and devices:

  • Unlimited Local, Long-Distance & International / Worldwide
  • Collaboration (vFax, mobile app, conferencing)
  • High Quality Voice (HD, Low Bandwidth, Bank-Level Encryption)
  • Call Routing & Management

GoVoice Communications uses bank-level encryption, tamper-proof communications. Your interactions through the service are guaranteed to be secure, making GoVoice the premier HIPAA compliant VoIP Provider.

With GlobalOutlook’s technically superior solution, your company’s
VoIP needs will always be met.

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