Zoho One gives you one suite of more than 40 integrated business and productivity applications for your entire organization. Simply turn on an app to improve a process. Then connect multiple apps so different teams can work together to delight customers, manage finances, and work productively.

The Zoho CRM interface is one which needs little to no explanation. Everything about the software is made as simple and straightforward as possible–from the terminology to the setup. So don’t worry if you’re completely new to sales or if you’re not tech savvy; Zoho has crafted their CRM so that everyone can use it. And if you still want an even easier way to fill in data, Zoho CRM has an app that will scan your business cards for you.

One suite for all your customer-facing teams. Zoho CRM Plus includes all the enterprise apps your sales, marketing, and support teams need, along with mobile apps and extensions.

Included applications in enterprise editions are:

Zoho Campaigns | Zoho Social | Zoho SalesIQ | Zoho Motivator | Zoho Desk | Zoho CRM | Zoho Campaigns | Zoho Reports | Zoho Projects | Zoho Survey

Online accounting software built for small business. Zoho Books is an accounting software that manages your finances, gets you tax ready, automates business workflows, and helps you work collectively across departments. Set up Zoho Books in minutes and start managing your finances immediately. If you get stuck, our support team and help resources can get you out.

GlobalOutlook has highly experienced consultants who understands business process across industries and proposes the Industry standard best practiced solution for your business. We offer complete Business Automation for small and medium enterprises (SME’s).

With 24/7 managed support services, we’ll work as your extended IT team and walk an extra mile supporting you to drive your business growth successfully

If you have questions or need advice for your specific situation, contact us at sales@globaloutlook.com

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