Microsoft 365 Copilot

Copilot is integrated into Microsoft 365 in two ways. It works alongside you, embedded in the Microsoft 365 apps you use every day — Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams and more — to unleash creativity, unlock productivity and uplevel skills. Today we’re also announcing an entirely new experience: Business Chat. Business Chat works across the LLM, the Microsoft 365 apps, and your data — your calendar, emails, chats, documents, meetings and contacts — to do things you’ve never been able to do before. You can give it natural language prompts like “Tell my team how we updated the product strategy,” and it will generate a status update based on the morning’s meetings, emails and chat threads.


The arrival of Copilot in Word means having the best companion for writing, editing, accessing, and incorporating information and summarizing as quickly and accurately as possible: making a first draft, including info of interest, adding related documents… In addition, it can bring a personalized tone to each task by knowing the document’s recipients.

  • Generate summaries based on other text documents.
  • Suggest writing tones: professional, informal…
  • Provide arguments to defend a thesis.
  • Rewrite sections or highlight inconsistencies.
  • Create text drafts based on outlines or structures.


Copilot in PowerPoint helps you turn your ideas into excellent presentations. If creativity is not your forte, Copilot becomes your ideal companion to tell stories in the best way. It can transform written documents into complete presentations, even with notes and fonts to reinforce your presentation. Or start a new slideshow from scratch from a simple prompt or outline. Condense long presentations at the touch of a button and adjust the layout, reformat text, or perfectly synchronize animations using your natural language prompts.

  • Generate a draft slideshow with information from another file.
  • Summarize presentations.
  • Change the layout of a specific slide.
  • Reduce text and synchronize it with animations already present in a presentation.

Copilot in Excel is here to facilitate data analysis and exploration. Forget formulas: simply ask about the presented dataset and access concrete answers, correlations, and what-if scenarios. It will also suggest new procedures and recipes for your questions, using models to help you explore your data. Identify trends, create visualizations, and ask for recommendations to gain greater depth.

  • In an Excel spreadsheet full of data and variables, filter out the highest or lowest values. This can be very useful to check, for example, the best selling products, where the highest costs come from, or which categories are the most successful among the public.
  • Create draft budgets or accounting.
  • Generate graphs.
  • Make assumptions about sales results and growth… by changing one of the variables.


The time we spend managing e-mails is undoubtedly an obstacle to our maximum productivity. Copilot in Outlook is our best help to communicate better and faster. Summarize long and convoluted email threads with multiple people to understand at a glance not only what has been said but also each person’s different points of view and unanswered questions. Reply to an email with a simple prompt or turn quick notes into clear, defined messages from other emails or content you already have access to from Microsoft 365.

  • Write email drafts based on information from other documents.
  • Summarize message chains.
  • By achieving the above two points, ‘clean up’ the inbox faster than usual.
  • Mark the most important items or messages.

In Microsoft Teams, Copilot helps you organize more effective meetings and meeting highlights and summarize critical actions, so your team knows what to do next. In chat, Copilot answers specific questions or updates you on anything you missed. Adding Copilot to your meetings and conversations gives you a powerful tool to help you with everyday tasks such as creating meeting agendas based on chat history, identifying the right people to follow up with, and scheduling monitoring meetings.

  • Generate a list of possible topics to talk about in meetings.
  • Also, generate meeting structure according to chat messages.
  • Create meeting summaries for those who could not attend, were late, or would like a summary. 

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