How Microsoft Teams Can Help In Collaboration For Increasing Productivity?

Establishing and running a business organization smoothly is not a solo adventure. It calls for the contribution of everyone—all teams and functional departments—forming the very fabric of the organization. While every organization strives to increase the productivity of its employees, not many of them pay heed to a very important driver of productivity—collaboration.

Collaboration between teams holds the key to the smooth flow of works and processes in an organization. There are many collaboration tools available in the marketplace today, but the favourite of many organizations is Microsoft Teams. As of April 2020, this application reached has 75 million daily active users. Today, more than 500,000 business organizations, including 91 percent of Fortune 100 companies, use Microsoft Teams.

Here are some ways in which Microsoft Teams can boost collaboration in the organization, and ultimately the productivity of employees:

1. Speeds up interpersonal interactions

The core function of Microsoft teams is to simplify and categorize all interpersonal interactions that take place between employees of an organization. It facilitates digital communication and collaboration between people in a matter of just a few seconds, thereby allowing individual employees to connect with each other in the fastest way possible. As such, employees can discuss all project-related matters either over a call or video chat quickly and achieve their milestones.

2. Makes communication easier

Microsoft Teams works as the hub for all teamwork in the organization by making it easier for employees to communicate with each other. It has an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that brings all communication tools to a single application. From group chats to voice and video calls to one-click file sharing, communication could never be simpler and easier than this. With Teams, team members can interact, manage projects, and locate files on one platform without switching from one application to another.

3. Seamlessly integrates third-party applications

Microsoft Teams allows you to integrate various third-party applications and make them all accessible on a single interface. It allows you to add applications like Adobe Creative Cloud, Asana, Trello, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, YouTube, and Hootsuite, etc. With these applications, you can locate, view, and share files and digital assets without any hassle. These tools not only make your team more efficient but also make tasks easier to manage.

4. Frequently upgrades features

Microsoft Teams, just like any other application from the tech giant, is evolving every day. Microsoft is constantly upgrading Teams’ features to enhance integration and task management. The app store of Teams provides a wide array of new apps, which can help organizations in collaborating better. It also has intelligent bots that serve as automated assistants catering to your informational needs. They are super-efficient and extremely time-saving. Working with such a feature-rich tool will surely help employees do more in less time.

5. Allows remote working

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic started wreaking havoc on the world, employees in large numbers have started working remotely as a new norm. In such a situation where having closed-room meetings have become difficult; Microsoft Teams makes it easier for organizations to collaborate virtually from anywhere and conduct business. In fact, it has already proved its value during the COVID-19 crisis. Since teams were scattered across multiple locations during the lockdown, Microsoft teams facilitated online conferencing—something that prevented any cessation of vital business processes and tasks.

In conclusion, it would be apt to say the Microsoft Teams has completely changed the way teams and departments of organizations connect, communicate, and collaborate with each other. It’s surely worth your investment given the benefits you get in the long run.

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