Is Microsoft Azure Safe?

Companies require more flexibility, scalability, and security, while keeping costs low and minimizing the need for hardware. Many tech players provide cloud-based solutions that can do everything from operating your telephony systems to filing tax returns.

Microsoft’s Azure is the most well-known and largest cloud platform. It was launched in 2010 as an Infrastructure as a Service cloud platform or IaaS. Microsoft Azure has over 100 different services SMEs and enterprises. They can scale and combine as many services as required to create the required tech infrastructure for their companies. Currently, more than 90% of US Fortune 500 companies use services in Azure.

What Can Microsoft Azure do?

Azure can do almost everything and anything. It’s designed to make business operations more efficient while cutting costs.

Listed below, is a brief list of what Azure can do:

Infrastructure as a Service

Azure provides a secure tech background to deploy and create cloud-based applications. You may generate your own work with your team or external developers, or assimilate services you’re currently using.

Platform and Software solutions

Azure includes PaaS and SaaS solutions. This makes it easier to scale and deploy technology to meet your company’s needs without problems. It’s now quicker, easier, and more affordable to design an application and roll it out for customers or team members.

Databases and Storage

Companies generate more data today than they did before. Cloud storage is a vital operational feature that large companies simply cannot do without. Microsoft Azure provides a variety of solutions such as managed databases, Virtual Machines, and storage options. The cost of using these databases and storage options goes down when you don’t require regular access.

Marketplace for Apps & Complimentary Services

Whether you’re designing new software for the marketing team or need a new CRM, you’ll likely find it on Azure.

Is Microsoft Azure Safe?

As a global tech giant, Microsoft is aware that it’s an attractive target for hackers and cyber criminals. Both are keen to get their hands on a weakness. As a result, Microsoft regards customer security as a top priority. The company invests more than $1 billion each year into security features, including protecting the Azure organization.

Listed below, are a few cloud safety features you will find on Microsoft Azure:

Automatic Encryption

No matter what data you send within Azure, it automatically gets encrypted. Within the Azure network, there is automatic detection for denial-of-service attacks that similar to Microsoft Office 365 and Xbox.

Automatic Smart Traffic Profiling and Monitoring

This feature detects and bounces off threats when the system identifies things that look out of the ordinary. This will reduce the risk of threats posed from breaching external security systems.

Smart Access Control

Admin or management accounts are operated on separate networks than teammates. Managers have the power to restrict and control access to a limited period, specific document, or device.

Protection for Hardware and Firmware

Microsoft continuously revises and reviews code. It reinvents hardware to automatically detect threats before the software is loaded and activated.

Supports Software and Hardware-based TEEs

Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) keep encrypted data safe from tampering and unauthorized access.

Operational Security

Microsoft has a roster of 3,500 cyber-security experts- 200 of whom are assigned to look continuously for weaknesses.

Express Route for off-site work

If you’re working on the go and need a secure connection, you may use Azure’s Express Route to connect via their encrypted Virtual Private Network.

Microsoft Azure is one of the safest and securest cloud platforms that your organization can use.

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