How Microsoft 365 Can Help Your Teams Collaborate?

Changing times demand changing methods. In a world where change is widely acknowledged to be the only constant, even the workplace demands flexibility. With everything increasingly shifting online, from stores to virtual classrooms, Microsoft Office 365 has become a must-have. Especially in the corporate world where the need for collaboration is sky high, the various tools offered in this high productivity suite by Microsoft make a perfect fit.

Using the different tools, you can ensure that seamless creation, communication and collaboration is possibly on the cloud, no matter where the teams are physically located. There is a wide array of excellent apps, features and tools that one can use for increasing productivity and making collaboration fun and effective.

  • Office Online: Office Online enables all members in a team to co-author documents in real time. This means that no time is wasted unnecessarily over formatting or sending documents to and fro. The changes to any document is reflected for all members to see, no matter what version, browser or device a member is working with.
  • Flow: Microsoft Flow is a must-have if you have many projects and many teams working on the different ongoing or scheduled projects. The variety of apps and features that are needed to complete and manage tasks may get overwhelming. To coordinate tasks while keeping everyone updated to every detail is not easy. To solve this problem, Microsoft Flow enables businesses to automate their workflow. All the different apps and services with the various tasks are all brought together into one place so all employees are aware at all times of their workflows. This increases productivity and smoothens many coordination creases in the workplace.
  • OneDrive: Documentation consumes a huge chunk of time, especially when various related documents are stored on separate devices in multiple folders created by multiple users. Such woes can be chased away with the on-cloud storage facilities provided by OneDrive for Business. With this tool, all members can store all related files on the cloud and share the stored documents with relevant team members. This tool sorts out the issue of low storage capacity, formatting issues owing to different devices/versions. Also, any change or update in the files is automatically reflected for all the members with access to those files to see. Security is also improved with OneDrive since only those with access permission can view those files.
  • Planner: Planner is an excellent feature included in the Microsoft Office 365 suite. With planner, teams can plan ahead their tasks. It is not only for planning ahead though. Planner helps individuals to keep track of their day-to-day workload. Tasks can be scheduled, assigned and updated with Planner. Email updates can keep teams on track as to upcoming tasks or inform relevant people of progress made on tasks. Planner makes organising events, brainstorming ideas and tracking big projects easy tasks to manage effectively.
  • Power Apps: Microsoft 365 PowerApps can be used to design apps to perfectly suit the operations of your business. PowerApps allows businesses to choose from various easy to use templates, icons and functions so that personalised apps can be built.
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